Blue Edge — Poetry


East to West

A snow field where horses roam
at night you can feel their silky manes
brush your cheek your fingers
spreading lock up time and 
the speed it takes
to move around the sun —
the circle burns your brain to chains —
messages from letters lost
like love like that time
you traveled east to west.

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"Course" was posted on the outside of GOLDEN GRILL Restaurant, 8 William Street, Limerick, Ireland

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Susan Tepper’s poetry is honest, filled with original insights that enrich the reader. Her lyrics are taut and moving, and a joy to read. She is to be welcomed among the most accomplished poets writing today.
— Simon Perchik

The collection has an elegant focus and hush around it...
— Timothy Donnelly, Boston Review

Susan Tepper is a poet of quiet grace yet insistent power, who steals your mind’s focus in odd moments long after you’ve laid down her book.
— Don Williams,
New Millennium Writings & Syndicated Columnist

Susan Tepper...on the page, shimmers through everyday thoughts, bringing life to streams and smoke and snow. Her gentle vision beautifully informs her well-crafted poems in “Blue Edge.”
— Suzi Winson, Fish Drum

Readers of Grasslimb will be familiar with Susan Tepper’s fine poetry... We can enthusiastically recommend this fine further exploration of her work.
— Valerie Polichar, Grasslimb

Susan’s poetry is in touch with the human race... reaps with the knowledge of a poet well versed.
— Shirley Gerald Ware, Fresh! Literary Magazine

Over the Mediterranean

Bed in the center of a room
swept with sea-green tiles

we swam all night

seals playing catch 
for fish — a hundred feet
over the Mediterranean

Italian trees breaking through
the balcony floor, winding

breezes swishing netting
draping arms around the bed
filmy prison

'til all at once you stood up
a wall to hold back the sea