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Susan Tepper’s poetry is honest, filled with original insights that enrich the reader. Her lyrics are taut and moving, and a joy to read. She is to be welcomed among the most accomplished poets writing today.

— Simon Perchik

The collection has an elegant focus and hush around it...

— Timothy Donnelly, Boston Review

Susan Tepper is a poet of quiet grace yet insistent power, who steals your mind’s focus in odd moments long after you’ve laid down her book.

— Don Williams,
New Millennium Writings & Syndicated Columnist

Susan Tepper...on the page, shimmers through everyday thoughts, bringing life to streams and smoke and snow. Her gentle vision beautifully informs her well-crafted poems in “Blue Edge.”

— Suzi Winson, Fish Drum

Readers of Grasslimb will be familiar with Susan Tepper’s fine poetry... We can enthusiastically recommend this fine further exploration of her work.

— Valerie Polichar, Grasslimb

Woman at Beach by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick

Woman at Beach by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick

DESIROUS by Susan Tepper

Your heart envies its factions
choruses of deliverance
that keep failing

despite a clutching effort

to hold intact what is left
the slightest drop of good will
You are your own prisoner

desirous of this place

your cries for help go rigid
in a black-tinged scarlet night

tongue of nights that pass over
any light that could be cast
by a new moon

Published in The Linnet's Wings summer 2019 issue Broom Bridge Totem


Scrape my face – find
vines and what I want

leave tangled –
there were countries

cut in sections
viable yet invisible
but for leanings – a shoulder
against a train window

raindrops blinding trees
beyond the reach of
what was cold

You clutched a coat,
promised again to be sorry.

— Poetry Salzburg Review


you’re hungry, scrape the plate
wait for darkness to settle its glove
on your mouth, a sigh, a whisper

They come and go, you know this
before it started, the clouds
opening and a small sun

round as a dime
hurts when you lick its edges –

Call to the owl you hear every night
in the tree’s blue shadow

— The Stony Thursday Book, Ireland

"Course" was posted on the outside of GOLDEN GRILL Restaurant, 8 William Street, Limerick, Ireland

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